The Spirit Bracelet

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The spirit bracelet will definitely raise your spirits and bring you joy!

We intentionally select calming gemstone beads that promote feelings of peace and positivity.


Amazonite: helps calm and soothe emotional trauma, alleviates worry,stress and fear. Helps release negative energy.

“Amazonite is the perfect stone companion for anybody that feels stress. As a crystal healer, I always recommend amazonite to those who struggle with anxiety and/or high stress levels. It’s naturally soothing and calming. Which is exactly the type of energy everybody in today’s society actively looks for” 

-Sara Rae Energy Healer 


The  bracelet features 3 center recycled brass rings to serve as your reminder to make a positive mindset shift-release stress & anxiety...

•Take 3 Deep Breaths

Recall 3 things that you’re grateful for + 3 things that bring you JOY!


Matte finished semi-precious chunky ,natural stones with our 3 center recycled brass rings and our secure snap closure.



  • Handmade
  • 8 in. fits most wrists
  • Matte polished
  • Recycled brass from Ghana